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  • Niels Christian on 2006-Aug-07 22:18:49 Niels Christian said

    The drow-mistress from the netherlands. Damn it was really hard not just to go over and offer myself as Loth-sacrifice :-) Then again... are human males even worthy?
  • Argo on 2006-Aug-08 21:03:04 Argo said

    Thats the Mistress?? Damn should let me catch by the Drow at Night...
  • Meris on 2006-Aug-09 07:20:37 Meris said

    ach...schade das ich ihr nciht in die Augen schauen durfte als sie mich kleinen Menschling zu sich geholt haben

    P.S.: sorry couldn't read your declaration...the orcs took them
  • Talas on 2006-Aug-23 23:40:05 Talas said

    the Drowgod is called Lolth^^


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