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  • Niels Christian on 2006-Aug-07 22:16:50 Niels Christian said

    Chaos Dragon's camp - although one of the minor groups (I heard something about 139 players) they still managed to build an impressive portal.
  • Waibel Sorin on 2006-Aug-08 09:35:59 Waibel Sorin said

    It was as big as about 500 players
  • Anborn on 2006-Aug-14 20:03:12 Anborn said

    500?? Hm...dachte es waren nur 100...aber ok
  • chaosplayer on 2006-Sep-16 16:37:04 chaosplayer said

    between 100 and 150.
  • Chaos Refree 04 / 06 Andreas on 2006-Nov-21 21:47:43 Chaos Refree 04 / 06 Andreas said

    let it be 120 players...
    not more, but a strange army
    greetings to all


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