Come to the dark side - we have kittens

So Sister Luck, a good friend (whom I still try to lure out of her icy northern caves and persuade her to come to Mythodea) watched me working on the pictures. And suddenly she caught interest into "Turtle Man" - well... the outcome was... this :-)

Please, comment on this picture, praise Sister Luck so that she will join us in 2012


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  • Maike on 2011-Aug-13 22:22:14 Maike said

    *kicher* wie süüüüüß
  • TheGreen on 2011-Aug-14 15:56:30 TheGreen said

    Argus for President - he like little kittens, so he cant be that bad =D
    I think he actually looks very old on this picture...
  • TheGreen on 2011-Aug-14 15:58:38 TheGreen said

    Oh, i forgot:

    *praise Sister Luck*
    come to the mythodea - its awesome... if u join Silent Hill :D
  • Argus (linus) on 2011-Aug-18 19:45:09 Argus (linus) said

    ... I AM VERY OLD!!!!!

    well she should better come to the CoM 2012 and tell me it was she, who did that .... The things with the mittens is a secret AND it should stay that way! She now is commanded to erase her mistake, change the mittens into direwolfs or black-ice panthers, and the wool against a skull! No enemy-propaganda allowed^^


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