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  • Niels Christian on 2007-Nov-09 11:32:07 Niels Christian said

    I couldn't understand why this undead could walk among the PCs without being hurt.
  • Doc on 2007-Nov-10 13:47:46 Doc said

    I think he wasn't undead. Never saw him in the NPC camp and he does not wear the UF Symbol, the skull.

    But, really nice pic :)
  • Cocolina on 2007-Nov-13 22:48:45 Cocolina said

    He looks cool, but what is that purple thing in the back supposed to be ?!?
  • Corvannen on 2007-Nov-16 13:30:57 Corvannen said

    I think I know these purple aliens from Star Wars. They did dance performances for ugly crime bosses :-)
  • poulpette on 2008-Jul-11 09:44:09 poulpette said

    hey............... we are not aliens, we are poulpis, so it means we are from the sea like octopuss, or kraken.


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