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  • Niels Christian on 2006-Aug-07 21:36:23 Niels Christian said

    We don't havE too wait too long. Soon the battle begins as men and women from the northern army join the battle.
  • Rhogh on 2006-Aug-09 20:17:10 Rhogh said

    *muhahahaha* 4 Shum-Arr'shai gegen den Rest der Welt!!!!
  • Shin Tok on 2006-Aug-09 21:11:51 Shin Tok said

    Tas Dingu Maan
  • Sven on 2006-Aug-24 14:18:07 Sven said

    That's not the northern army but some fighters from the grey camp
  • Gordok ( R.I.P ) on 2006-Oct-31 15:45:44 Gordok ( R.I.P ) said

    verdammt, bin ich geil :-p


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