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  • Niels Christian on 2006-Aug-07 21:20:28 Niels Christian said

    I am proud to present the best LARP-photographer I know in Germany: Ralf.
  • Ralf on 2006-Aug-08 01:18:28 Ralf said

    Flattery will get you anywhere.
  • Brianna on 2006-Aug-08 20:45:30 Brianna said

    Ralf in Aktion - toll eingefangen!
  • Gyde on 2006-Aug-09 22:47:20 Gyde said

    Dann wollen wir auch wissen, wo Ralf seine Fotos zeigt!
  • Ralf on 2006-Aug-10 10:04:11 Ralf said

    Hier: http://teleute.discordia.ch/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=larp
  • Kathrin on 2006-Aug-14 21:00:17 Kathrin said

    Hallo Ralf, bist du da gerade eine Kata gelaufen? ;)
  • Ralf on 2006-Aug-14 21:21:55 Ralf said

    Each kata of Camera Kata is designed for maximum effeciency in both scene detection and exposure. An advanced Camera Kata practitioner can put himself in the best statistically possible place to find a good shot at each moment of a fight. Camera Kata is based on a scientific analysis of angle of view and depth of field based on the mathematical possible outcomes of an exposure. Camera Kata forms can be used solely as a form of meditation and self-centering. In civilian applications, Camera Kata can greatly increase your chances of coming out of a fight with good photos. Games such as LARP are a good applictaion for Camera Kata techniques without the danger of deadly force. Camera Kata also teaches how to outmanoeuver an opponent armed with another camera, and has forms for using a camera that has run out of film/storage.
  • Fred  on 2006-Aug-14 21:37:42 Fred said

    Ralf Hüls, Grammaton Cleric First Class of Photography...
  • Wazag on 2006-Aug-18 17:56:06 Wazag said

    Danke für das schöne Bild von Wazag in der Stadt, Ralf!
  • Leif on 2006-Nov-07 22:18:06 Leif said

    genial - die camera kata.
    Ich liebe diesen Film.
    Im übrigen bin ich der meinung das die meisten Paparazzi im Gegensatz zu (guten) LARP Fotografen noch etwas Kata Unterricht nehmen müssen.


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